LXC: Problems with the ubuntu-template in Debian Jessie

29 September 2016

I tried to create an Ubuntu-container on my Debian Jessie Server and I got the following error-message:$ lxc-create -n mycontainer -t ubuntu
Checking cache download in /var/cache/lxc/precise/rootfs-amd64 ...
Installing packages in template: ssh,vim,language-pack-en
Downloading ubuntu precise minimal ...
I: Keyring file not available at /usr/share/keyrings/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg; switching to https mirror
I: Retrieving Release
E: Failed getting release file
lxc_container: container creation template for failed
lxc_container: Error creating container mycontainer

I installed the ubuntu-archive-keyring to fix it:

apt-get install ubuntu-archive-keyring
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