Kodi: Autoplay on start-up..

23 August 2015

When I get up in the morning I start my Raspberry Pi(OpenElec installed) and listen to the local radio stations. It would be awesome if my pi automatically plays my favourite station after booting. That’s why I played a bit with the MediaCenter Kodi.

First of all I enabled SSH (OpenElec Settings) and connected via ssh. Then I created a m3u-Playlist under “/storage/.kodi/userdata/playlists/music/superfly.m3u”


I am using the same stream-entry multiple times. If network is not up’n’running at boottime, kodi would just try another entry(and another and another…).

Now I just have to make sure that kodi plays this playlist after booting:

Under Settings->Appearance->Skin->Settings is a Option for “Enable playlist at startup”. As soon as you enable the radio-button “Enable playlist at startup”, you’ll be able to choose a path for the playlist.

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