22 October 2016

I used Fluxbox/Blackbox wm for more than 10 years. It’s a great window manager for people who prefer a lightweight system and  love to customize their system. Now it was time for a change…

Hard Decision

There is nothing wrong with Fluxbox. It’s a great WM. I just wanted to change something and also optimize my workflow somehow. Most of my windows are terminal windows, and I control them mostly using the keyboard. It would be nice to have a Window Manager that supports my heavily use of the keyboard. That’s how I came to tiling window managers. They use all the space of the desktop and have shortkeys for everything. Perfect for me.


My first choice was herbstluftwm. It’s a nice tiling Window Manager and the best thing is: the configuration can be scripted and changed at runtime using the herbstluft-client.



After a time of testing I came to I3. It is very very well documented, super intuitive and supports tabbing and stacking. Everything on this wm is just right. It works like a charm and it feels like being home. Checkout this clip for it’s features:


I was a little bit afraid of learnig all the shortcuts and stuff. But it was so intuitive that it took me just a little while. My windows are very well organized now and I have the feeling that this WM suits me perfectly.

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