check_mk-rbl - A check_mk-plugin that monitors public ipv4 addresses

20 August 2017

Check_MK is a great monitoring tool. One of it’s strengths actually is, that it can automatically detect services and monitors it. I always monitored all public ip-addresses of my servers if they are listed on any dns-blacklist. I  had to add new public ip’s manually, so I reached out for a new solution. I found a nice little plugin in a GitHub-repository of HeinleinSupport. The plugin waIs great, but I missed two things. First, it checks all Ipv4-addresses of a server,  including private addresses and second it uses hardcoded dnsrbl-server. So I modified the script so that it checks only public addresses and it can use an ini-file, if it exists(otherwhise it still uses hardcoded dns-servers). My modified version check_mk-rbl is available on github.

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