Writing a scientific work in a cool way

10 February 2017

I am not good at writing. So writing a scientific work is a bit challenging for me. That’s why I pimped up the task by choosing the right tools and made it more exciting for me.

First of all, I decided to use Latex. I always wanted to learn how to write documents in Latex and it’s fun. It’s a little bit like programming a document. I found the right Latex-Template where I am studying, so I don’t have to mess around with all the details like font-size and so on. After compiling it, I had a fantastic and well formatted PDF.

Next I built the document but I ran into a problem: Sometimes I had to compile the document more than once to have a complete one. I googled and found rubber. A handy tool to build Latex-Documents.

I am a programmer. So of course I used a simple Makefile to compile and clean.

I used JabRef to organize all my references. It saves the references in BibTeX-format which is the standard LaTeX bibliography format.

Finally I realized that with Latex I don’t have any compressed xml-file(like in LibreOffice) but simple text-files. So I can easily keep track of my versions using git. I pushed the Repository on my server and was able to work alternating on my laptop or on my workstation. When I finished my work, I gave access to my friends who reviewed it.

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