34c3: TUWAT!

3 January 2018


The year 2017 ended with the Chaos Communication Congress for me. It was the 34th congress and this time at a new location in Leipzig. Because the place was that huge, people brought skateboards, bicycles and even motorized sofas. As always the high quality lectures were recorded(and even live-streamed). There was a variety of different topics for the lectures. I found the talk of Max Schrems about the Privacy Shield in “Privacy Shield - Lipstick on a Pig?” very interesting. He gave profound insights about his battle for privacy. In the talk “Resilienced Kryptographie” experts explained the mistakes that could be made when it comes to cryptography and they appealed to software-developers to ask for help with crypto. I like the technical lectures very much and I joined many of them. I can recommend to watch all of the recordings. For the “political” part it was clear once again: the fight for privacy is almost lost. Insecure IoT-devices, spying goverments and powerless citizens are in daily news. Even if this is very depressing, the title of this congress was “TUWAT”, which referes to a text of the founder of the CCC. In that text Wau Holland motivated computer fans to meet and make something useful together with this knowledge. This was the beginning of the CCC. So let’s “TUWAT” and see what comes out..

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